Apr 12, 2021. New Release 8.3.2 includes a performance benchmark MedicalServiceCoverage that demonstrates how OpenRules can execute 1,000,000 requests within 12 seconds! Read more

Mar 3, 2021. New Release 8.3.1 includes a powerful while easy-to-use graphical Rule Debugger oriented to business users. Watch the video and the webinar “Advanced Decision Modeling with OpenRules“.

Jan 25, 2021. New Release 8.3.0 comes with a Graphical Integrated Decision Modeling Environment called “Decision Model Explorer“. It automatically builds decision model diagrams, opens Excel files associated with different nodes, and allows business people to modify, test, and deploy their decision models from one place. Watch the video and read more.

Nov 24, 2020. ProcessMaker and OpenRules announced a new partnershipOpenRules is recognized as the clear leader in decision systems in the world today,” said Brian Reale, Founder and CEO of ProcessMaker.  “But besides its sheer power, we loved the fact that OpenRules decision tables can be built in Excel and then uploaded to AWS with the click of a button.  There is no software to install or manage, and it works natively in ProcessMaker.  You just can’t beat that.”

Nov 19, 2020. OpenRules announced a new product “Rule DB” that allows business decision models to directly access relational databases with the power of SQL preserved in new Excel-based tables “DataSQL”. You may find many examples at

Release 8.2.1 empowers our users with an ability to assemble new decision services by orchestrating existing decision services, allows you to migrate SQL queries to business rules, supports a LEGO-like design of domain-specific libraries of decision services, and several other enhancements.

Oct 1, 2020. OpenRules announced “SaaS Rule Learner“, a cloud-based tool for subject matter experts who want to apply Machine Learning to generate business rules from their historical data. No installation or preliminary ML knowledge is required. Watch video. Try it from

Aug 25, 2020. OpenRules announced public availability of the open-sourced Machine Learning product that supports Ever-Learning Digital Decisioning Systems

June 15, 2020. New Release 8.2.0 simplifies the installation process for Windows, Mac and Linux, allows free downloads of various sample projects, improves decision explanations by beatifying the execution protocol, and adds several more features requested by our customers. Read Release Notes and an updated User Manual

May 11, 2020. New Release 8.1.2 provides a brand new execution mechanism that improves performance of very big decision tables (BigTable) 10-100 times! At the same time OpenRules, Inc. cuts the run-time license fee 10 times!  Read Release Notes 

March 3, 2020OpenRules Decision Manager is now available in AWS Marketplace using a SaaS Subscription (“Pay-As-You-Go”) – read Press Release. The latest Release 8.1.1 works with any JDK 1.8 or higher.  Download 

February 1, 2020. Release 8.1.0 deploys business decision models as AWS Lambdas, RESTful Web Services, or Docker Containers.  New features:

        • Mavenized Decision Projects
        • Rules Debugging
        • Advanced Testing Facilities:  new tables “DecisionTest”, JUnit integration, Regression Tests
        • Glossary now can include the column “Type” to be used instead of the Datatype tables
        • OpenRules standard Templates are now hidden and Environment tables don’t need to refer to “DecisionTemplates.xls” anymore
        • Simplified OpenRules API
        • Check out a new User Manual for a Business Analyst.
        • See Release Notes

Oct 1, 2019OpenRules Decision Manager 8.0.2 supports ONE-CLICK AWS LAMBDA DEPLOYMENT! Business analysts (!) now can deploy their business decision models created in Excel as AWS Lambda decision services with a simple click on “deployLambda.bat“! No coding or knowledge of AWS environment is required. Read more 

Sep 1, 2019. OpenRules announced new Release 8.0.1  that deploys classical business decision models on Amazon cloud without coding. They utilize a simple graphical interface provided by AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway – see Tutorial

Aug 1, 2019. OpenRules announced general availability of its new Decision Manager, a digital decisioning platform, specifically designed for modern enterprises and optimized for cloud and containers. Read more