MS Azure Function

OpenRules business decision models can be deployed as MS Azure functions. Look at the standard project “VacationDaysAzure” to learn how to deploy the introductory decision model “VacationDays” as an Azure function.

ToolRequired Version
JDK1.8 and above
Maven3.0 and above
.Net Core SDKLatest version
Azure Functions Core Tools2.0 and above

Note: See how to install Azure Functions Core Tools – 2.x

The file “VacationDaysAzure/” looks as follows:

All Azure properties are defined in the file “pom.xml” that give you a complete control over the deployment options. At the same time, it is assumed that you are familiar with MS Azure (e.g. see the guide “Azure Functions for Java Developers”) to be able to customize “pom.xml” for your MS Azure environment.

After tuning your “pom.xml”, you may execute the provided file “deployFunction.bat“ to complete the deployment (deployFunction in Mac and Linux). The decision model will be deployed, and the console log will show the invoke URL for the deployed decision service (highlighted in the following example):

After successful Azure Function deployment, copy the function URL – highlighted in above view. You can use this URL  in POSTMAN to run this Azure function against any JSON test automatically generated in the folder “jsons”.