Java API

OpenRules Decision Manager provides a very simple Java API for invocation of business decision models from your Java applications. It uses two new Java classes “DecisionModel” and “Goal” that support the Goal-Oriented Decision Modeling approach described in this book . The provided Java launchers demonstrate how to execute decision models against real data instances. Here is what you usually should do:

  • Create an instance of the class DecisionModel using the automatically generated Java class (which name is defined in settings.bat as MODEL_NAME), e.g.
    DecisionModel model = new DecisionModelVacationDays();
  • Ask the model to create an instance of the class Goal, e.g.
    Goal goal = model.createGoal();
  • Ask the goal to use your own business objects, e.g.
  • Execute the goal using the standard Goal’s method

Here is an example of how the decision model “Vacation Days” can be invoked using

It will calculate the number of vacation days for the employee Mary Grant. Of course, an employee may come from a database, from your UI or from JSON.