Migration Services

Migration service is designed to help your team migrate your existing (or new) rules-based application to OpenRules. Whether your existing application use a DMN compliant decisioning product or not, we do have tools and experience to migrate it to OpenRules with minimal efforts.  

The migration is usually done in one or two steps:

STEP 1. Proof of Concept (POC)
This step gives you an opportunity to actually see how your own business rules will be represented and executed in OpenRules. You can do it yourself and contact us at support@openrules.com with any questions.
Alternatively, you may ask us to develop a POC for you. To do this, you will need to send us a brief description of your POC project including:

    1. A list of your rules presented in your existing rules-based system and/or in plain English with necessary explanations
    2. Test data
    3. Expected results

Our specialists will contact you to clarify that we correctly understand your intentions and have the same expectations. Then they will quickly migrate your POC rules into the OpenRules environment. Within ~1 week you may expect to receive back a working OpenRules project that executes your rules using your test data and produces the expected results.

It will allow you to effectively evaluate OpenRules using your own rules. We may help you for free or by charging you a reasonable amount for this development – it depends on the POC scope. Only if you feel comfortable migrating your entire project to OpenRules but still need additional assistance, you may proceed with the second step.

STEP 2. Integration and Technology Transfer

The second step includes consulting/training services. Our senior consultant(s) may visit you for 2-3 days or provide the service remotely using Zoom or MS Teams. They will provide the following services:

    • Kickoff meeting to determine the scope of your actual rules-based application
    • Quick introduction to OpenRules using already implemented POC as examples
    • Architecture discussion and guidance specific to your development, maintenance, and run-time environments
    • Work together with your specialists to address the extension of the POC to cover your entire application needs, design of your rules repository, integration, maintenance, development of custom decision tables specific to your business domain, and other issues
    • Deployment of developed decision services on-premise or on-cloud
    • Technology transfer sessions and one-on-one training for your project members.
  • How to Order Migration Services

Contact support@openrules.com with a quick description of your actual needs. Then we will setup a web session to discuss all related questions for Migration services specific to your organization.