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You may get a 30 days evaluation version of OpenRules Decision Manager by paying a nominal fee of $29. Along with an evaluation download you become eligible for FREE POC Development of your rules-based decision service. You may pay with a credit card or PayPal.
If you have difficulties to pay $29 send a request to cannotpay@openrules.com and we will let you to download the evaluation version for free.

You will need to sign up with your email, and after the confirmation you will be able to download a fully functional version of OpenRules Decision Manager with OpenRules Graphical IDE. The evaluation version allows you to execute the standard decision projects, create your own projects, deploy them on-cloud or on-premise, and execute them using your preferable communication interface (JSON, XML, Java, etc.).

After the download, follow the Installation instructions. If you need help with installation and development of your first OpenRules decision service (POC), contact us at to support@openrules.com – we will help.

When you try OpenRules and better understand your actual requirements to your decision services, you may consider the proper OpenRules Decision Manager subscriptions.

Questions? Send your technical questions to support@openrules.com and licensing questions to licensing@openrules.com. You may call us at (732) 993-3131 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST or request a Live Demo.