OpenRules Decision Manager

OpenRules® Decision Manager allows business analysts to develop and maintain rules-based business decision models and easily deploy them on-cloud or on-premise.

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bullet February 1, 2020. Release 8.1.0 deploys business decision models as AWS Lambdas, RESTful Web Services, or Docker Containers.  New features:

    • Mavenized Decision Projects
    • Rules Debugging
    • Advanced Testing Facilities:  new tables “DecisionTest”, JUnit integration, Regression Tests
    • Glossary now can include the column “Type” to be used instead of the Datatype tables
    • OpenRules standard Templates are now hidden and Environment tables don’t need to refer to “DecisionTemplates.xls” anymore
    • Simplified OpenRules API
    • Check out a new User Manual for a Business Analyst
bullet Oct 1, 2019OpenRules Decision Manager 8.0.2 supports ONE-CLICK AWS LAMBDA DEPLOYMENT! Business analysts (!) now can deploy their business decision models created in Excel as AWS Lambda decision services with a simple click on “deployLambda.bat“! No coding or knowledge of AWS environment is required. Read more 
bullet Sep 1, 2019. OpenRules announced new Release 8.0.1  that automatically deploys classical business decision models on Amazon cloud without coding. They utilize a simple graphical interface provided by AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway – see Tutorial.  Read more 
bullet Aug 1, 2019. OpenRules announced general availability of its new Decision Manager specifically designed for modern enterprises and optimized for cloud and containers. Read more