OpenRules Decision Manager

Super-fast operational decision services for modern enterprises

OpenRules® Decision Manager allows business analysts to develop and maintain rules-based business decision models and easily deploy them on-cloud or on-premise.

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January 9, 2020. With the new release 8.1.0, OpenRules Decision Manager has been completely mavenized. It remains transparent for business users who don’t have to know anything about Maven, but it will be greatly appreciated by software developers who integrate decision models in their applications. The new release essentially simplifies synchronization of decision models processing – run.bat” now automatically recognizes any changes in your decision models and re-builds them when necessary before running or deploying.

Along with further improved performance, here are several noticeable advances: 
1) You may debug your decision models with a user-friendly Rule Debugger;
2) Advanced testing facilities: simplified test-case representation in the new table “DecisionTest“, integration with JUnit tests, regression tests that automatically validate all your decision projects; 
3) The Glossary now includes the column “Type” that specifies types of decision variables;
4) Datatype tables and explicit references to the standard OpenRules templates in the Environment tables became obsolete.


Oct 1, 2019OpenRules Decision Manager 8.0.2 supports ONE-CLICK AWS LAMBDA DEPLOYMENT! Business analysts (!) now can deploy their business decision models created in Excel as AWS Lambda decision services with a simple click on “deployLambda.bat“! No coding or knowledge of AWS environment is required. Read more 


Sep 1, 2019. OpenRules announced new Release 8.0.1  that automatically deploys classical business decision models on Amazon cloud without coding. They utilize a simple graphical interface provided by AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway – see Tutorial.  Read more 

bullet Aug 1, 2019. OpenRules announced general availability of its new Decision Manager specifically designed for modern enterprises and optimized for cloud and containers. Read more