Introducing OpenRules® Decision Manager

For more than 15 years OpenRules® helps organizations worldwide to incorporate sophisticated decision logic into business applications and quickly update underlying business rules as market conditions change. The newly introduced OpenRules® Decision Manager (DM) optimizes the classical OpenRules® Business Rules and Decision Management System (BRDMS) for cloud and containers with one objective: creating and managing highly efficient Operational Business Decision Services for modern enterprises.

Like the well-established OpenRules® BRDMS, the new Decision Manager allows business analysts working in concert with software developers to:

    • Create business decision models using MS Excel® or Google Sheets® with classical OpenRules® templates for sophisticated business decision logic
    • Test/Debug/Execute decision models and Analyze the produced results
    • Deploy decision models as decision services on-cloud or on-premise.

OpenRules® Decision Manager executes exactly the same decision models as the classical OpenRules®, but it uses a completely new execution mechanism that doesn’t need an Excel-based Rules Repository in run-time as it converts all rules to Java in design time. The authors of business rules never even look at the generated code as the Decision Manager saves all traces back to the original Excel tables. All explanations and possible errors are reported in business terms used by the business analysts.

OpenRules® Decision Manager is highly scalable and super-fast allowing decision services:

      • to startup in almost no time
      • to be executed within milliseconds
      • require only a minimal memory footprint.

Decision models created and tested with OpenRules® Decision Manager can be considered as regular Java programs that do not impose any additional restrictions such as dynamic class loading. As the result, they can be naturally deployed as containerized decision services using Docker, Kubernetes, and serverless architectures provided by major cloud vendors such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM or Oracle.

OpenRules® Decision Manager perfectly fits the requirements of the modern microservices and it is well positioned to be used on any cloud container, on premise, and even on smartphones.

The next releases of OpenRules® Decision Manager will provide a cloud-based UI for analysis, debugging, automatic deployment and execution of decision models as microservices – stay tuned!