Training/Consulting Services


OpenRules, Inc. provides training and consulting services in the area of Decision Service development and deployment using the following technologies:

    • Business Rules
    • Machine Learning
    • Constraint Programming & Optimization.

Our training/consulting services are conducted by experts who have personally participated in the creation of multiple real-world decision support systems,  and who are familiar with the peculiarities of deploying decision services in Amazon, Microsoft, and other cloud environments, possess hands-on knowledge of CI/CD pipelines, and various development and DevOps tools used by modern enterprises.  

OpenRules, Inc.’s training model is based on the “show us how to do it” principal with hands-on exercises. For large organizations we provide “training for trainers“. Our instructors/trainers work together with your developers using your problem domain in examples. As a result, OpenRules training/consulting services help you to lower the total cost of software development and maintenance.

The service agenda could be customized for your particular needs. Usually OpenRules, Inc.’s hands-on training/consulting sessions take 2 to 3 days and are conducted upon requests for a fixed fee.

Contact us at to schedule training/consulting services specifically for your organization.

Consulting services cover custom development and maintenance of your own decision services and their integration in the existing infrastructure. Contact  to discuss consulting services for your OpenRules-based decision services.