Release Notes 9.1.1

Release 9.1.1 is a minor release that makes the following changes:

1. Upgrades 3rd party software packages to prevent recently found vulnerabilities:

  • poi 5.2.3
  • slf4j 1.7.36
  • log4j 2.18.0
  • jackson 2.14.2.

2. Now you may use multiple nested loops as in this decision table:

The nested loops are nicely presented in the updated decision diagram:

See also the new sample decision model “PermitEligibility“.

3. We added a new type DateInterval to the standard library It contains only two attributes of the type Date: start and end. We also added two static methods to the class Dates:

  • int daysBetweenIntervals(DateInterval i1, DateInterval i2)
  • DateInterval intersection(DateInterval i1, DateInterval i2)

You may see how they are used in the new sample project “PermitEligibility” in OpenRulesSamples.

4. Now along with the operator “MATCH” for complex regular expressions you also may use mor simple SQL-like operator LIKE – read more.

5. When you run may test cases, OpenRules will stop after find and error in any case without executing the consecutive test cases. If you do not want to execute test cases during the deployment you may use option -DskipTests, e.g. >mvn -DskipTests openrules:deployLambda

6. This release fixes several bugs:

  • When a glossary contained too many variables the internally generated Java class was too big: now we split it in several files.
  • If your use decision variables in cells of conditions and actions such as Condition with certain operators, ActionAccept, and ActionPrint, they will be replaced with their actual values. If you do not want them to be opened (e.g. in ActionPrint) you may put the variable names in quotes.
  • More errors are now caught during the validation phase.

We made some changes in the way we treat special table of the type “Method” and “Code”. While in the majority cases they remain backward compatible, you still need to make sure that you explicitly use the qualifier “decision.” if your Java code that refers to other methods or tables such as DecisionData defined in Excel.

You may install and try the latest release 9.1.1 from here.