Release 8.5.1

Mar 28, 2022. Release 8.5.1 is a minor release that does the following:

  • Upgrades several 3rd party packages to remove vulnerabilities of their previous releases: we now use Apache POI 5.2.2 and Jackson 2.13.2
  • Added support for custom error handling for RESTful decision services
  • Automatically generated HTML reports are now saved in the folder “target/reports
  • Added a new report “target/reports/project-files.html” that shows in a nice tabular format the structure of your Rules Repository
  • All generated HTML reports are now located in “target/reports”
  • New post “Handling Large Payloads with OpenRules-based AWS Lambda” about OpenRules recent experience of building decision services capable to handle huge payloads with sound performance. Video