AWS Lambda

OpenRules business decision models can be deployed as operational decision services utilizing the Serverless architecture provided by AWS, the most powerful cloud platform in the world.  Deploying your decision models as AWS Lambda functions you don’t even think about servers and pay only for the execution time your services actually consume.

However, the cold reality is that AWS is complicated, and the way how you build and deploy your AWS Lambda Decision Service is usually not straightforward. It may require deep understanding of the AWS environment and essential coding and configuration efforts. OpenRules Decision Manager dramatically simplifies this process by automatically generating all necessary components and allowing you to convert your business decision model to AWS Lambda function without any coding

OpenRules Decision Manager provides two ways of creating AWS Lambda decision services:

      1. Configuration with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. These AWS tools allow you to upload your decision service to AWS Lambda, configure an API Gateway, and start responding to RESTful endpoint calls. The tutorial “Building Operational Decision Services with OpenRules + AWS Lambda + AWS API Gateway in a step-by-step fashion explains you exactly how to convert OpenRules business decision models to AWS Lambda function without preliminary knowledge of the AWS environment. You may build your Lambda services now using the Release 8.0.1 or higher.                    
      2. One-Click AWS Lambda Deployment. Without even opening AWS configuration tools,  with only one click on the provided batch file “deployLambda.bat” your Excel-based business decision model will be deployed as a AWS Lambda function.  These capabilities are available since Oct. 1, 2019 with the Release 8.0.2.

In both cases the AWS deployment will be done using your own AWS account and you will have a complete control over the usage plan and other deployment settings. You may deploy your decision services as AWS Lambdas using your free evaluation version, and after you feel comfortable with the performance of your decision service, you may move to the production mode by purchasing our subscription.