Release 8.3.1

Mar 3, 2021. New Release 8.3.1 includes “Decision Model Debugger“ that is the first powerful Rule Debugger really oriented to business (!) users. It should allows non-technical users to step through the execution of their business decision models, pause them at any rule or ruleset, and inspect the state of the decision model. The major features include:

    • Select and execute different test cases
    • Visualize, trace, and control the execution flow
    • Step through the execution and pause at any rule or ruleset
    • Enable/disable breakpoints
    • Inspect the state of all or selected decision variables
    • Ease of use as everything is presented in business terms as defined by business people in their business rules.

Watch the video and read more.

This release also adds two more templates for the actions inside different decision tables: ActionUseObject and ActionIterateWithBreak. that can be useful during complex iterations. Consider a decision model that iterates through order items that include different products as defined in the fragment of the Glossary:

The decision table that processes one order item may look as below:

First, it sets the current object “Product” to be equal to the “Order Product” as defined inside this Order Item (ActionUseObject). Then it should start a loop (ActionIterateWithBreak) that iterates over the array “Tiers” applying the rules “ProcessOneTier” and this iteration should break when the variable “Approval Required” becomes TRUE.

Download. You may download the Release 8.3.1 from here and try it for free using our SaaS Rule Engine in the AWS Marketplace. If you upgrading your OpenRules projects from previous releases, don’t forget to change the “openrules.version” in your “pom.xml” file to 8.3.1.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please post them at the Google Discussion Group or send them directly to