Release 8.2.0

June 15, 2020. New Release 8.2.0 simplifies the installation process for Windows, Mac, and Linux, allows free downloads of various sample projects, improves decision explanations by beatifying the execution protocol, and adds several more features requested by our customers.

    • Simplified Installation. Now you may download from AWS Marketplace one zip file and extract it into the workspace called “OpenRulesDecisionManager”. It contains the configuration folder “openrules.config”, from which you should execute “install.bat” (for Windows) or “install” (for Mac and Linux). This completes the installation by adding all necessary components to your  local Maven repository “.m2”.
    • New Sample Workspaces. The release 8.2.0 allows everybody to download OpenRules samples to workspaces “OpenRulesSamples” and “OpenRulesOptimization” and/or create their own workspaces. Each project inside these workspaces is self-sufficient, doesn’t refer to the project “openrules.config” anymore and will work without direct references to the installation workspace “OpenRulesDecisionManager”. Read more
    • Better Support for Mac OS and Linux. During the download from AWS Marketplace now you can choose between Windows, Mac or Linux:

You don’t have to make anything for Mac or Linux, as all script-files such as “install”, “clean”, “test”, “deployLambda” are ready to be executed.

    • New DecisionTable’s Column “ActionGoal”. The release 8.2.0 extends OpenRules decision tables with a new column type “ActionGoal” that can be used instead of “ActionExecute” that required intermediate tables and forced  a user to hard-code an execution path. Now you may simply write the name of the goal (e.g. the goal “Loan Status”) like in this example:Our experienced customers would appreciate this improvement – read more.
    • Improves Decision Explanations.  OpenRules Decision Manager 8.2.0 essentially beatifies rules execution protocols and reports showing all rules in a hierarchical order and highlighting the variables which values that were actually changed. Here is an example of the new execution protocol:Read more
    • Simplified Representation of Test Cases. The release 8.2.0 extends tables of the type “DecisionTest” with the new column “ActionDefine” as in this example: It allows a user to avoid creation of  the Data tables and to place their attributes directly in the test-cases. Read more
    • API for Executed Rules. We added a new API to allow a Java program (client) that invokes an OpenRules-based decision model. to get access to all rules that were actually executed (like those displayed in the generated html-reports). Here is the example of a client from the standard project “VacationDays”:

Before executing the goal, a client may add a new ExecutionListener to the goal:
      ExecutionListener listener = new ExecutionListener();
Then after the goal’s execution, a client can ask this listener to show all executed rules using the method listener.getExecutedRules().

You may download the Release 8.2.0 from here and try it for free using our SaaS Rule Engine in the AWS Marketplace. If you upgrading your OpenRules projects from previous releases, don’t forget to change the “openrules.version” in your “pom.xml” file to 8.2.0.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please post them at the Google Discussion Group or send them directly to