Release 8.3.0

Jan 25, 2021. New Release 8.3.0 includes “Decision Model Explorer“, a new Graphical Integrated Decision Modeling Environment that automatically builds decision model diagrams and keeps them alive by reflecting any changes in the underlying Excel tables. From one intuitive graphical interface a business user can visualize decision models from goals, logic, and data perspectives, open associated Excel tables, execute test cases, analyze the  results using friendly HTML reports, and deploy the model on-prem or on-cloud. Watch the video and read more:

This release also allows a user to define decision variables in the Glossary by directly using Java snippets like in these examples:

Here we commented out the decision variable “Patient Creatinine Clearance” inside the business concept “Patient” by putting “//” in front of its name and defined this variable using the formula indicator “:=” and the snippet “CreatinineClearanceFormula(decision)”. This snippet can be defined in Excel as

Instead of this Excel-based “Method” we could use the proper Java method as well. Using “:=” also provides a convenient way to define different named constants  directly in the Glossary, for instance:

Download. You may download the Release 8.3.0 from here and try it for free using our SaaS Rule Engine in the AWS Marketplace. If you upgrading your OpenRules projects from previous releases, don’t forget to change the “openrules.version” in your “pom.xml” file to 8.3.0.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please post them at the Google Discussion Group or send them directly to