Basic Edition

The Basic Edition is a lite version of OpenRules Decision Manager that still allows you to install the software locally, run sample decision models, create your own decision models, and deploy them using Java API, AWS Lambdas, RESTful webservices, or Docker containers.

The Basic Edition doesn’t include Graphical Explorer/Debugger and does not provide a high-level of performance and availability. If you want to use OpenRules Explorer and/or your decision services require the enterprise-level of performance and availability, you may purchase the Enterprise Edition.

Monthly and yearly subscriptions to this edition are priced based on the numbers of required Development licenses (1 per seat) and Runtime licenses (1 per running instance):

Development LicensesRuntime Licenses Basic Edition Monthly Payment Basic Edition Yearly Payment
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These prices are subject to change without notice

Subscribe with PayPal:

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You also may purchase these subscriptions by a Purchase Order.

How the Basic Edition works. After installing the Basic Edition, you will be able to create and test different business decision models, deploy them in any preferable way on-cloud or on-premise as decision services, and execute them an unlimited number of times.  However, every time when the deployed decision service is being executed, it will contact a remote OpenRules Entitlement Service to check that your subscription has been paid. This check slightly slows down the performance of your decision service. You always may start with the Basic Edition, but if your decision services require an enterprise-level performance and availability, you need to switch to the Enterprise Edition.

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