Evaluate and Subscribe

You may start with a 30-days Evaluation Version.

When you decide to use OpenRules Decision Manager for development and production of your decision services, you’d need to subscribe to the Development and Runtime licenses. License subscriptions provide you with the software and access to new releases available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The subscriptions are priced based on the numbers of required Development and Runtime Licenses and can be purchased with credit cards, PayPal, or by a purchase order. After the payment, you will receive an email that will explain how to download, install, and use OpenRules Decision Manager software. 

Development Licenses (per seat). One development license provides 1 Authorized User (a named person) with an installation of OpenRules Decision Manager software. Each installation requires a separate Development license. An authorized user may use this installation to create and test decision models locally and then deploy them as decision services on-cloud or on-premise.

Runtime Licenses (per running instance). Each running instance of your deployed decision service requires one runtime license. You need to have a runtime license for every instance of the decision service in your production environment whether this service is being used on-cloud or on-premise. If multiple instances of your decision service can run in parallel at the same time, you need to have a separate runtime license for each instance. For example, if your service is deployed on different servers in different regions, each instance requires a separate runtime license. If multiple instances of your service can be executed in parallel even on the same server, you need a separate license for each instance. For example, if your AWS Lambda concurrency limit for your decision service is 5, you need to have 5 runtime licenses for this service at this location.

Subscription Term and Renewal. Customers must maintain active licenses for every development and runtime licenses. A license period begins 1 day after the payment received by OpenRules, Inc. and is subject to automatic renewal at the end of the license period. Licenses are subject to automatic renewal until cancelled. Either party may give notice of its intention not to renew at least 30 days before the end of the license period. If neither party gives such notice, customers shall  renew their existing licenses.  This process shall continue until either party gives a notice at least 30 days before the date of any renewal.

Here is the complete OpenRules Licensing Agreement.

Technical Support.  OpenRules, Inc. accompanies all its products with free email-based technical support – send your questions and/or suggestions to support@openrules.com.  Usually all requests are handled within 48 hours. You may also post your questions at the Google Discussion Group. Additionally, you may purchase our Commercial Technical Support.

Using Purchase Orders. You may purchase OpenRules Licenses with credit cards by using the PayPal buttons above or by sending a purchase order to licensing@openrules.com in accordance with the above pricing. Your purchase order should indicate:

  • Name and email address for an authorized user
  • Required number of Development or Runtime licenses
  • Payment type and amount.

In response to your purchase order we will send you an invoice with OpenRules bank requisites, and you will be able to pay using a wire transfer or a check. When we receive the payment we will provide you with your personalized download instructions.

If you represent an enterprise or OEM that needs a large (or unlimited) number of licenses, please send the proper request to licensing@openrules.com to discuss a special corporate licensing agreement.

If you want to become a partner or a reseller, see Special Agreements.

Any technical issues? Contact support@openrules.com – we will help.