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OpenRules Decision Manager is the first full-scale Rule Engine available in AWS Marketplace using a SaaS Subscription

MONROE, NJ – March 3, 2020 – OpenRules, Inc., a New Jersey company that provides open-source business rules and decision management software commonly known as “OpenRules®”. Today OpenRules announced that its latest OpenRules Decision Manager is now available in AWS Marketplace as a SaaS Subscription that enables customers to easily manage their subscriptions in one place, with all charges coming from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

OpenRules Decision Manager allows enterprises to develop and maintain rules-based business decision models and easily deploy them on-cloud or on-premises. It enables business analysts to represent and maintain complex business logic in the form of Executable Business Decision Models. Business analysts create and maintain their decision models using only familiar tools such as MS Excel or Google Sheets and any file manager. OpenRules supports the Goal-Oriented approach to decision modeling described in this book.

OpenRules Decision Manager provides powerful while simple facilities to do the following:

    • Create and maintain enterprise-level business rules repositories with multiple decision models
    • Test decision models locally using a powerful rule engine
    • Deploy decision models on-premise with a simple Java API
    • Deploy decision models as operational decision services on-cloud as AWS Lambda functions, RESTful Web Services, or Docker Containers.

When customers subscribe to this Pay-As-You-Go version of OpenRules Decision Manager, they will be able to download and install the software, run sample decision models, create their own decision services on their local machines, and deploy them using their preferred deployment option. SaaS subscribers will be charged only for the actual execution of your OpenRules-based decision services in accordance with the pricing information available here.

“In 2019 OpenRules Decision Manager became the first Business Rules Engine that supports 1-click deployment of business decision models as AWS Lambda functions. Now the AWS Marketplace listing demonstrates our success in delivering rules-based operational decision services on-prem or on-cloud with a very flexible pricing approach,” said Dr. Jacob Feldman, Chief Technology Officer at OpenRules, Inc. “Using AWS Marketplace, our customers pay only for what they actually use with all charges reflected in their monthly AWS bills. Alternatively, customers who have a very high volume of OpenRules-based transactions per day may purchase an OpenRules’s license subscription.”

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OpenRules, Inc. is a provider of the Business Rules and Decision Management software commonly known as OpenRules®. OpenRules, Inc. provides technical support, training and consulting services related to the OpenRules products. OpenRules, Inc. is an NJ-based corporation founded in 2003. Over the years OpenRules has become one of the most popular Business Rules products. OpenRules allows business people to develop and maintain complex but highly efficient operational decision models and deploy them on-premise or on-cloud.


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