Standard Subscriptions. OpenRules offers you the following subscription options:

      • Pay-As-You-Go Subscription when you pay a minimal fee for every actual execution of your OpenRules-based decision services without any up-front fees. Such SaaS subscriptions are managed through AWS Marketplace with all charges coming from AWS. The first 30,000 transactions are free, so you have more than enough time for free evaluation.
      • Yearly Subscriptions when you subscribe to OpenRules Development and Run-Time licenses that provide the unlimited use of OpenRules-based decision services without a need to communicate with AWS metering services.

Compare different subscription options – see Pricing Considerations.  Contact to discuss different discount options specific for your organization including AWS Private Offers.

Special Agreements. OpenRules also offers special licensing agreements:

      • Special Corporate License Agreement – when you need a large number of installations or when you incorporate OpenRules in your application that has special licensing requirements including unlimited usage, please send the proper request to to discuss a mutually-beneficial special corporate licensing agreement.
      • Partnership Agreement – OpenRules, Inc. partners with ISPs, VARs, and system integrators worldwide. If your company is interested in joining OpenRules Partner Program, please send an email to
      • Reseller Agreement – if your company is interested in becoming OpenRules reseller and receive a very essential reseller discount please send an email to