AWS Portal

OpenRules Decision Manager includes a graphical portal available from AWS  Marketplace as a SaaS solution. It provides a business-friendly graphical interface for uploading, testing, analysis, and deployment of rules-based business decision models.

Your decision models can be created by business analysts using MS Excel or Google Sheets in accordance with the approach described in the book “OpenRules Goal-Oriented Decision Modeling” – see examples.

You may UPLOAD and BUILD your business decision model with validation for possible errors. You may TEST your model by selecting and executing test cases also created by you in Excel tables. You will be able to ANALYZE the execution results and see why certain rules were executed or skipped.

You can DEPLOY your tested decision models as operational decision services available as AWS Lambda functions. To execute your deployed decision service you will be provided:

    • Invocation URL
    • API keys
    • A generated Java client that can be used by your Java application to remotely execute this decision service.

Your deployed decision services will be managed as OpenRules Decision Services also available from AWS Marketplace. Alternatively, you may purchase a subscription and deploy and use the same decision model as your own AWS Lambda function.