Yearly Subscription

Yearly Subscription is designed to meet the needs of our enterprise customers with a large number of transactions. It provides them with access to  OpenRules Decision Manager on a per-installation basis with an unlimited number f executions.

Standard Yearly Subscription

Included Items Duration Cost of 1 Subscription
Item 01. One installation of OpenRules® Decision Manager software
Item 02. Technical support

1 year


Each standard subscription gives customers access to the following subscription benefits during the subscription term:

    1. One installation of OpenRules® Decision Manager software. One installation includes a set of OpenRules® Java libraries and a workspace with multiple executable decision models. A customer can create and execute multiple custom decision models using the same installation.
      The Standard subscription allows you to install 1 copy of the software on any single physical or virtual machine, provided this installation is in use on only one machine at any time. The installed software is “in use” when it is loaded into temporary memory (RAM) or installed into the permanent memory of a computer or a storage device for the processing of the software. The same installation cannot be used on no more than one application server or container.
    2. Technical support is available on 24×7 basis with immediate access to OpenRules® Support Team using We not only help you to solve your urgent technical problems, but provide assistance and advice to help you with performance tuning, business rules organization logic, and user API code. Response time is from 1 up to 24 hours.

Read the complete OpenRules Enterprise Agreement.

Purchase a Subscription 

To purchase the described subscriptions, please send a purchase order to in accordance with the above quote. If you plan to purchase several subscriptions, please include the required number in your purchase order and multiply the total price correspondingly. We will send you an invoice with OpenRules bank requisites, and after the payment will provide you with the download instructions.

If you need a large number of installations, please send the proper request to to discuss a possible discount or a special corporate agreement.

If you already purchased commercial licenses for the classic OpenRules and want to switch to OpenRules Decision Manager, please contact to discuss possible discounts.

Subscription Term and Renewal

Customers must maintain an active subscription for every installation of OpenRules® Decision Manager being used in their production, QA, and/or development environments. Each subscription begins 1 day after the payment received by OpenRules, Inc. and is subject to automatic renewal on a year-to-year basis. Either party may give notice of its intention not to renew at least 60 days before the end of the Subscription. If neither party gives such notice, customers shall submit to OpenRules new purchase orders for renewal of their existing subscriptions.  This process shall continue on a year-to-year basis until either party gives a notice at least 60 days before the anniversary date of any renewal.