Pricing Considerations

Here is the current pricing information for OpenRules SaaS Subscription in AWS Marketplace:

Your monthly AWS bill will be determined by how many times your OpenRules-based decision services were actually executed during this month.  One call of your service can execute thousands of rules but will still be counted as one call. The first 100 calls are free. After that, if your application calls your OpenRules-based decision service 1000 times within 1 month, your bill for this month will be $0.025 x 1000 = $25.00. If your application generates 3,000 calls per month, your monthly bill be will be $0.025 x 1,000 + $0.015 x 2000 = $50.00. If you need to execute your OpenRules-based decision service up to 10,000 times per month, your monthly bill can go up to $150. If your OpenRules-based decision service is executed 60,000 times in a month, your monthly bill from AWS will be $0.015 x 60,000 = $900.

You may consider two alternatives:

    1. Contact to discuss different discount options including AWS Private Offers
    2. Switch to OpenRules License Subscriptions that starts with only $999 for 3 months but gives you an unlimited number of executions per year without a need to communicate with AWS metering services (that removes network overhead and improves the efficiency).