Stand-Alone Evaluation


Download a Free Evaluation Version. Click on the button to download a free stand-alone version of OpenRules Decision Manager:

You will be taken to this OpenRules website:

After signing up with your email only (and a quick confirmation), you will see this screen:

Enter your Name, Organization, and read the SOFTWARE EVALUATION AGREEMENT. When you scroll down the agreement, you need  to check “I Agree” to be able to download a free stand-alone evaluation version of OpenRules Decision Manager valid for 30 days.

What To Do After Download. So, you downloaded one zip-file “”. When you unzip it to your hard drive, you will have the OpenRules workspace “openrules.samples” that contains everything you need to learn about how OpenRules decision models are organized, how to build, test, and deploy them, and finally how to develop your own operational decision models.  To install the latest OpenRules Decision Manager, you need to  double-click on the file “openrules.samples/openrules.config/install.bat” from your File Manager. Make sure that you have internet connection as the installation will download different related products made freely available for download by their respected authors. The installation may take up to 1-2 minutes based on your connection speed displaying all downloadable files at the “black” screen. There should be no red messages and the successful installation will show at the end Any problems? Contact – we will help.

Build and Run Decision Models. You can build and test a decision model by a simple double-click on the file “run.bat“.  If you make any changes in your Excel tables or configuration files, it will automatically re-build the model before running its tests. If it finds any errors, it will display them using the business terms pointing to the corresponding places in your Excel files.

After the successful build, “run.bat” will test your model against test-cases described in the file “Test.xls”.  When you execute the decision model, the Decision Manager produces a user-friendly execution protocol and explanation reports in the HTML format in the generated folder “report“. Some decision models (e.g. HelloJava) use data instances created not in Excel but using the existing Java classes.

You may do all work within the folder “openrules.samples” using the standard File Manager – no technical knowledge is required. Technical people may import all projects to their favorite IDE such as Eclipse.

You can use your OpenRules Decision Manager to create your own decision services and deploy them on-premise or on cloud using your preferable deployment options: AWS Lambda functions, RESTful Web Services, or Docker images.

This stand-alone version reports all executions to our AWS Download Server for statistical reasons only – you would not be charged at all. If you prefer you may extend your evaluation period or request a special evaluation version that doesn’t talk to AWS at all to see the execution speed of your services without any overheads.  Send the proper request to – we will be glad to support your evaluation efforts.