Free Evaluation


Download a Free Evaluation Version. Click on this button

to download the evaluation version of OpenRules Decision Manager valid for 30 days. You only need to enter your email, confirm it, and accept the evaluation agreement. You will receive a personalized version of the latest OpenRules Decision Manager in one file “” for Windows or “OpenRulesDecisionManager_8.x.x.tar.gz”  for Mac or Linux. Unzip this file on your hard drive. The folder “OpenRulesDecisionManager” contains everything you need to learn about how OpenRules decision models are organized, how to build, test, and deploy them, and finally how to develop your own operational decision models. See What to Do After Download.

Download OpenRules Decision Manager from AWS Marketplace. Alternatively, you can evaluate OpenRules Decision Manager by installing it from AWS Marketplace following these instructions. You only need to have a free AWS account. Your first 100 executions are free and you will be paying only $0.025 per execution after that. You may easily cancel your AWS subscription at anytime.

Evaluating Maximal Performance. Upon request, we will provide you with an evaluation version that doesn’t keep track of your executions during the evaluation period. It removes a related overhead allowing you to test the actual high performance of the OpenRules decision engine.

Support Sessions. OpenRules, Inc. offers free fast-support online sessions to help you to start working with OpenRules.  Upon your request, an OpenRules expert will send you an invite to a remote-support session addressing your particular problem by studying it together with you on your own computer.